Home Theatre

Custom Install Solutions can transform any space into a state of the art entertainment environment. This includes Home Theatre for a new build or Home Theatre for a renovation. There are many options available be it a Stealth (hidden from view) home theatre or a home theatre with free standing speakers and sub.

There are 3 main criteria to consider:

  1. Performance
    Obviously you want the highest quality picture and sound that you can get for your money. To ensure the best audio & video performance, you will need to choose market-leading brands with a reputation for excellence and the critical recognition of industry experts. There are many models available within these brands that will fit into your size room, level of performance and budget.
  2. Reliability
    Although a custom installation involves many different products working together, you should expect trouble-free operation for many years. Reliability is particularly important when components are discretely hidden and not readily accessible for maintenance. Which makes choosing the right brands and installation company doubly important.
  3. Value
    Value means more than just the lowest price – it means getting the highest quality within your budget. To avoid the false economy and disappointment of inadequate equipment, make sure you specify products that offer proven performance and reliability. In the end choosing quality always gives the best value.