Multi-room Audio & Video

You don’t just live in one room in your house. So why confine your entertainment to one room. Multi-room home entertainment is now more affordable and achievable than ever. It makes sense to consider your options……….

One of the most important areas in your home to benefit from distributed audio and video is the living area because for most of us, this is the social hub of our home. You and your family probably spend the most time here, and there is always some kind of activity going on.

Whether you are interested in music for entertainment, talkback radio for company or the latest news and weather updates – all you need is the touch of one button and Custom Install Solutions along with Niles Audio can provide you with whatever you choose.

The modern bedroom has also become increasingly sophiscated over the past few years – no longer just a place to sleep, the modern bedroom can provide a refuge for both relaxation and entertainment. Flat panel plasma and LCD TV’s partnered with Niles Audio In-wall or In-ceiling speakers ensure discrete styling, while movies, music and the internet all become instantly accessible via keypads or remote controls.

Our lifestyle and climate also allow us plenty of opportunity for entertaining or relaxing outside – we all love to spend time in our garden, patio area, deck, spa or swimming pool. Having music-on-demand in these areas can bring a new level of enjoyment to your outdoor leisure activities.

We can also provide you with options to integrate and store your music and DVD collections. These include iPort in wall and free standing docking and control solutions for the custom install market as well as server type applications that your CD and DVD collections are stored within for easy access..