Plasma & LCD Screens

We supply all major brand Plasma and LCD screens. Flat screen technology is forever changing and there is a lot of discussion and confusion created within the marketplace in regard to High Definition Television and other future technologies. It is important you seek professional advice when making an investment of this kind as your will want your Plasma or LCD to be capable of accepting future technology. We can assist you with the process of purchasing your Plasma or LCD, the installation of high quality cables that will enhance the picture quality of your flat screen. We also supply many add on products, including speakers, and basic control panels just to mention a few.

Custom Install Solutions can provide you with a quote to purchase your flat panel. We on most occasions can beat the large retail chain store prices and also offer end of line models at super discounted prices.

We can also provide you with a quotation to install your flat panel, using future proof cabling and maximising picture quality. You may have seen plasma and LCD installations and be disappointed with the picture. In many cases, this is due to poor installation and unsuitable cable use.