Smart House Wiring

  • Even with the advent of wireless technologies, hard wire cables still offer the most secure and reliable method of distributing and controlling your audio and video equipment. Particularly during the construction of a new house, pre-wiring gives you the opportunity to “future proof” your home as well as ensuring that all your components, speakers and cables are hidden discretely out of sight.
  • There are companies present within the market place who are pre-wiring “as such”. However we have stumbled across a few pre-wires done by untrained contractors whom are not covering all the requirements of a basic pre-wire.
    The problem here is that we are then unable to install the product you want, due to the lack of appropriate cable. There are also many cheap, copycat like cables out in the marketplace that are also being used. Be aware that taking this option may affect the performance of your equipment and in some cases, the full potential of the product is not show cased.
  • Custom Install Solutions only use custom cable, being the likes of Monster Speciality Audio and Video Cable and Liberty Specialised Serial Digital Video Cable.
  • We will provide you with a separate price to pre-wire your home and this will include wiring to accommodate all or some of the following: - Phone, Data, TV, Audio, Control, Keypads, Touchpanels, Home Theatre, Lighting and Home Automation.
  • Don’t be put off if you are completing a renovation, again we can pre-wire your home during renovation stage or retrofit your existing home to accommodate your custom install requirements.