Stealth Home Theatre

What is Stealth?     The state of being unobtrusive or hidden from view.

We can install your Home Theatre, while maintaining a design that will not impact on your interior style. You home theatre will be fully automated to retract on demand, coupled with your wireless remote control anything is possible.

Most people now have a library of DVD movies, the idea of incorporating a professionally designed and installed Home Theatre system into your next new project or renovation is becoming an increasingly popular one.

There are different ways you can approach making the room allowance required for a Home Theatre, the obvious is to dedicate a complete room to the concept of a miniature Theatre and this has its positives as you can immerse yourself in the room with closed doors only reappearing only to make another batch of popcorn. The other solution is a multifunction family room. This could include a plasma TV recessed into the wall and in wall surround sound to keep audio visual clutter to a minimum, and when it is time to break out the jaffas or a choc bomb and that new DVD release, by magic a projection screens rolls down and out pops a projector from the ceiling.

The reason why our clients choose us………We look at the concept you want to achieve and also the audio visual products you already own. Our designers and technicians then put together a design that will deliver the end result and go about the supply and installation through to turn key. This removes the need to deal with high flying retail salespeople and their confusing techno jargon. Systems of this kind cannot be purchased over the shop counter and it takes input from the client and us at the planning stage to reach this kind of finish.